Everything you need, to make your listings look great for buyers.

How to take great photos, write sharp product descriptions and price your items accurately so your shop can reach its maximum potential.


What are stock photos? 

A stock photo is an image that has been taken from another website without their permission. Using stock photos is often a breach of copyright. As a result it’s against our terms of use. Upload a listing with stock photos and it will be picked up by our team and removed.

Taking great photos!

Photos are a make or break situation. Using flat lays, model shots and even close-ups, you can instantly attract customers and increase sales. Take a good photo, become a popular seller.

Setting the scene 

Top tips:

  • Aim to take your photos near a window. Natural lighting always gets our vote. 
  • Lighting that causes harsh shadows never looks good. 
  • If shooting outside, taking photos on a cloudy day is best for lighting, as direct sunlight can wash out colours and create shadows. 

When using backdrops, keep it simple. Try using a backdrop that doesn’t divert the buyers attention from the product. 

Always try to show how the item fits and get as much detail as possible. Include photos of the tags on branded items to help the buyer trust it is authentic. 

Our advice: take different types of photos to show off how the item looks and fits, and to show any tags or flaws it may have. A mix of imagery is always the best recipe.

Nothing beats showing off your item with a model shot. It gives buyers a better idea of how it fits. If you don’t want to model the item, ask a close friend or look into working with a model for a day. If that fails, go for flat lays not hanger shots. This will make your item up to 60% more likely to sell.

Arrange and fold your item neatly on top of a plain coloured surface – it’s easy to get a big piece of coloured card from Textbook Centre and it’ll make a big difference to your flat lays. 

Pro tip:  Taking up to four photos instead of one can increase your chances of selling by 20%


Make sure that the keywords in your item’s description are relevant. Well-written, interesting descriptions make your item more likely to sell. 

A useful exercise when writing descriptions is to try and think about the buyer. Picture yourself in their shoes and consider what they are most likely to be searching for to find your item and then include this in your description.


Pricing an item is key to sales. Just remember that condition, size and colour can alter value. So be realistic when it comes to pricing items and if in doubt, go with the market price.

Pro tips:

  • Pick a price you are happy with.
  • Make an educated guess.
  • Consider the Mahambi Market fees when showcasing your price. 
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