Vendor FAQs.


Congratulations, you’ve sold your first item on Mahambi Market!

Here are a few important things to check before you send your item.

Before you ship, we make sure your payment details have filled and completed.
We will only ship your item once your payment has fully completed and funds are accessible in our account via Flutterwave, we will notify you once the payment has been received, and you can proceed to  dispatch.

To list on Mahambi Market, you will need to login with your vendor profile.

  1. Click on My Account once logged in and click on the dashboard icon
  2. Click on Manage Products and click on Add New Product located in the top right of the page
  3. Fill out the details of your items, and add your photo!
  4. Once the item has been published, it will go through a review process, so we can ensure all the details are correct. The approval will take up to 48 hours before the item gets published onto your shop.

When you sell an item, Mahmabi Market will automatically charge the 10% fee on the total transaction amount (excluding shipping costs). This charge will be taken directly from your total amount of your item before the remainder of the money you have made is paid to you, through our vendor dashboard. 

Fee Breakdown:

  • 10% Mahambi Market Fee 
  • 100/= charge per withdrawal

If you are outside of Nairobi, nationwide shipping costs will apply. You will be required to arrange your own delivery with the vendor. 

Why does Mahambi Market charge 10%?

The 10% fee is in place to keep the website up and running, with general up-keep costs!

Unlike many other selling platforms, at Mahambi Market we only charge you when you make a sale, this means there are no fees for the length of time your item has been listed for or any initial costs to list the item, so list to your heart’s content because it’s all free!

Once you’ve sold an item, you are able to either make an immediate withdrawal through the vendor dashboard, once we receive the money in our account. Or you can let the money accumulate in our Mahambi Market Wallet (within the vendor dashboard) and make a withdrawal once you’ve reached a larger amount. 

Each time you request for a withdrawal, you are charged 100/= (One Hundred Kenya Shillings)

The money will be transferred to either your bank account or your M-Pesa number that you will provide in the form. 

When listing an item for sale, you have two options, to Ship with Mahambi Market (via our inhouse delivery service) or arrange your own shipping with another courier directly with the client.

Mention in your shop bio if you offer Domestic and/or Nationwide shipping. Shipping outside of Nairobi is more expensive but offering it also increases your audience and improves your chances of selling.

If you’d like your buyer to arrange shipping directly with you, simply send them a message through your Mahambi Market dashboard and arrange for the delivery. For Shipping with Mahambi Market, confirm your item, then send the item over to our Warehouse in Westlands (at your own cost), and we will have it delivered to the customer at a flat fee of 300/- anywhere in Nairobi. We currently don’t arrange for delivery outside of Nairobi. If you ship outside of Nairobi, don’t forget to set one price for national shipping and another for worldwide. Continue setting up your listing and then publish.

Send your items to our warehouse.
Once you’re all sorted and your payment has cleared, the next thing is shipping it out to our warehouse, so we can get it to the buyer. Always make sure that you send your items with a tracked rider to our warehouse, at your cost, so that you’re covered if anything should go wrong.

In order to be covered by Seller Protection, you must:

  • sell your items through the Mahambi Market website by using the vendor dashboard.
  • sell items that are not on our Prohibited Items List
  • ship the item to the address included in the sale receipt located in My Account > Vendor Dashboard > Customer Orders
  • obtain and keep proof of shipping and delivery, if you are delivering to the customer with your own rider, i.e. an in-app delivery receipt such as on Glovo or Sendy. This is the only proof accepted by Mahambi Market.
  • keep proof of shipping and delivery until the buyer confirms in writing that the item has been received.

You’re not covered by Seller Protection if: 

  • the sale was made outside of Mahambi Market. This means that the buyer didn’t purchase using our checkout.
  • the item is on Mahambi Market’s prohibited items list
  • the item was a non-material good, such as event tickets
  • it was a meet in person transaction

As you know, Flutterwave is a trusted platform that we use, to always ensure your money is safe and your transactions are protected.

However, we value our community, so in the event something goes wrong and you have done everything by the book, we’ll ensure you don’t lose out.

As stated previously, the option ‘meet in person’ is not covered by either Buyer or Seller Protection, as neither we or Flutterwave are able to verify any shipping details.

This list of prohibited and restricted items is not exhaustive, and is intended only as a guide. In addition, you may only sell items in your possession and you may not buy or sell items if legally prohibited in your Country of residence even if listed as allowed below.

Mahambi Market reserves the right to determine what items are or are not allowed to be listed on our website at any time. We may remove items that are not listed below if we decide that they are offensive, in breach of our Terms of Service, or are in any other way a risk that we’re not prepared to take.

This list is subject to change without notice.

Adult only material and nudity

All material with either implicit or explicit reference to pedopornography, including all forms of erotic art that include minors

  • All material offensive to public morals such as for example pornographic material, any material representing or describing pedopornography, bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia, rape, incest in all sort of publications, films, and other recordings
  • Adult magazines, films and videos
  • Adult toys and related accessories that are used for sexual purposes
  • Used underwear listings, including listings that are not clear about the condition of the item


Posts that advertise commercial or private websites for the purposes of selling outside of Mahambi Market

  • Unsolicited advertising or promotions, requests for donations or ‘spam’

The sale of the following is Not allowed:

  • Beer/wine making kits
  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol products
  • Liquor licenses
  • Animals and wildlife products
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps
  • Counterfeit items, replicas and unauthorised copies
  • Credit cards
  • Data banks, mailing lists and personal information
  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Food and edible items
  • Firearms, weapons and military items
  • Fireworks and kit for their implementation
  • Goods from embargoed countries
  • Government, transit and shipping-related items, government documents, IDs and licenses
  • Hazardous materials
  • Human remains, human organs and body parts
  • Lock-picking and locksmithing devices
  • Lotteries and giveaways
  • Medicines, medical devices and healthcare products
  • Offensive material
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
    -Used perfumes and cosmetics
    -Perfumes and cosmetics replicas

The sale of the following is also not allowed:

  • Unused and genuine perfumes and cosmetics
  • Sample perfumes and cosmetics, as long as they come in the original container that includes the ingredient list
  • Homemade perfumes and cosmetics, as long as they comply with the applicable regulations at the time of the sale both in the country where Mahambi Market is located and in the registered user’s country of residence and/or domicile
  • Plants and seeds
  • Real estate
  • Recalled items
  • Services
  • Software
  • State or public agencies ownerships, artistic, historical and archaeological properties
  • Stocks and other securities
  • Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers
  • Technology and electronics
  • Tickets
  • Tobacco
  • TV de-scramblers
  • Vouchers, gift cards, digital and non-material goods

You can set up a scheduled sale price when uploading a new product from your vendor dashboard. You can pick the sale price you want to discount your items by, and publish the item. Buyers will see the discounted price next to the original price, and their purchase will automatically go through at the discounted price.

You can edit the sale price to older items from your vendor dashboard too. Head to Manage Product, select the item you’d like to edit, and add the sale price, then save the item.

For any items that you discount, buyers will see the discounted price next to the original price. In your shop, we’ll also add a sale tag on the item photo so it’s really clear to buyers.

Get social! Promoting their shop using social media will be the most effective tool for the promotion of the items you’re selling. We find Instagram is the most effective, as it’s a visual showcase of your brand. Sharing photos, videos of your products and moments from your lifestyle is a great way to catch the attention and trust of potential buyers outside of the Mahambi Tribe. Why not set up an Instagram for your Mahambi Market shop? Switch up the content from your usual product photos. Followers love to see more behind-the-scenes and creative content.

Every vendor shop will get their own unique URL to share with your followers outside of the Mahambi Market dashboard. Share as you list. Maximise your impact by listing 4+ items at once and sharing your Mahambi Market shop to Instagram straight away. Add your shop handle to your social media bio and use relevant hashtags. Using the hashtag #MahambiMarket and other relevant keywords will get your post in front of people looking to browse on our platform.

Consistency is key to growing your Mahambi Market audience. This counts both on and off our platform. Share your shop regularly so that you can build your following and improve the success of your shop in the long-run. Mahambi Market will heavily be investing in the boosting of the platform via paid ads and influencer marketing, so we’re always there to give an extra hand in promoting your items. 

Get creative. What we’ve provided is just a tool for you to run with. Play around and test different ways that help you stand out and engage with your following.

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